WordPress 3.6 gets native Audio and Video support

We’re all very excited here at Robot Dwarf about the upcoming release of WordPress 3.6! There are some really great improvements and enhancements to the platform that will make our lives as develepors much simpler as well as giving our clients a better quality CMS.

The upcoming WordPress feature that I am most excited about though is the pending native support for Video and Audio. No longer will we need to make use of WordPress plugins or external platforms like Vimeo or YouTube, but rather, we will be able to embed these types of rich media directly into the WordPress editor and… snap, the end user will be able to play and engage with the content directly from the website!

This is a great new addition to the already brilliant WordPress platform and we can’t wait to roll these new features out to some of our upcoming develpoments.

For a great article explaining these new additions in more detail, go check out the supurb blog post by the guys at WPMU.

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